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VS Trial Law – Can Help You Identify, Avoid, and Prepare for Employment-Related Pitfalls

Posted on January 25, 2018 by

More than a million Americans lost their jobs during the Great Recession and its aftermath. Those who were fortunate enough to stay off the unemployment line were expected to work longer hours, often for the same, or even less, pay. Few complained. Most felt blessed they had a job to go to at all. But a funny thing happened when the recession ended. Instead of rewarding them for their hard work and dedication during those difficult times, most bosses continued to push their undersized staffs just as hard. Workers in Westlake Village are finally fighting back in court with the help of VS Trial Law.

Although each case is different, the major bone of contention is that American businesses have benefited from increased productivity, while most employees have not. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, the worker sues to recover the overtime wages to which they are legally entitled. In this case, VS Trial Law can help you effectively fight back against your current or former employer's illegal practices.

VS Trial Law can also help you determine if you were entitled to overtime pay. Most workers were willing to do their bosses these favors when times were tight, but not any longer. Workers now want their money to which they are legally entitled. While some bosses agree to pay these back wages as soon as they hear from employment law firms, others play defense.

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