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Motorcycle Accident Cases in Henderson, Texas

Posted on January 12, 2016 by James S. Shultz

According to research carried out by governor’s Highway Association in 2011, cases of motorcycle accidents have decreased, albeit briefly, in the last few years. However, the report is also indicative of the fact that the general trend remains widely intact. Moreover, it shows a 13% drop-off rate in the number of riders who are predisposed to accidents. In Henderson, for example, in the same year, seven motor accident fatalities were recorded.

Such accidents result from either carelessness or inattention by the driver while on the road. This may involve driving too fast to gain attention or simply using the phone while driving. Riders involved in such accidents can get fatal injuries that can cripple them for life or even result in death.

If you are caught in a motorcycle accident, get medical attention first and then get the detail of all drivers involved in the accident. Secondly contact the David Boehrer Law Firm for a personal injury attorney from Henderson, who will ensure that you get a fair hearing if the accident resulted from carelessness of other parties. They will ensure that you get the best compensation available.

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