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The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that more than 4000 people died from pedestrian-related accidents in 2009. Ever since then, the number has been on the increase year after year until 2015 when it increased by 7.7%. More than 70000 cases of pedestrian accidents led to injuries of which many are fatal. Your medical insurance may not be able to cover all the medical costs leaving you in a financially tricky situation. Even if it does, you may have probably suspended most of your usual day-to-day business activities while nursing some gruesome injuries.

Fox & Fox Law Corporation has got you covered when it comes pedestrian accident cases. Most of these cases are usually as a result of negligence either by a driver, premises owner if the accident happened in a private residential area or even the municipality if it occurred in a public place within a local municipal vicinity. Everyone owes the other a duty of care and is expected to always be cautious and reasonable in their acts to avoid harming the other. Failure to do something that safeguards others or meet certain required conditions that lead to harm qualifies as negligence as much as doing the said act of harm is.

In every seven minutes, a pedestrian gets injured while in every two minutes a pedestrian dies due to negligent acts of others. Fox & Fox Corporation personal injury attorneys in Sherman Oaks, advise you on the best options available for you to go about such cases and ensures you get the compensation you deserve; be it payment of medical bills, damages for your pain and suffering, emotional distressed caused or loss of earnings and potential earnings. If you happen to be involved or know anyone that has suffered as a result of a pedestrian accident, it will be prudent of you if you referred them to Fox & Fox Corporation for assistance.

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