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Divorce Attorney and Father’s Rights Issues

Posted on February 14, 2018 by

An attorney is often very helpful in assisting fathers in determining which rights they have and helping them to protect those rights in working towards an acceptable divorce agreement. Those interested in learning more about their rights in child custody or child support disputes should consult an attorney in their area. An attorney will be helpful in sorting out the divorce proceedings and making sure their client's rights are firmly protected during and after an agreement is reached.

For some guys, fathers rights issues can be a touchy subject. There is a lot of bad information circulating that gets in the heads of many fathers, leading many of them to accept any agreement that might be presented to them. In fact, some clients do not realize that they have certain rights in child custody and child support.

Understanding the different terms used and the possible scenarios that divorce agreements may present is also very important for fathers trying to protect their rights to consider the family law firm of Land Legal Group in Los Angeles. For instance, many people become confused about the difference between full legal custody and full physical custody. On the one hand, full legal custody means that only one parent has the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding their children. This is sometimes the case when one parent is deemed unfit to make these decisions or to care for the children. Most couples reach joint legal custody agreements in which both parents have a right and responsibility to make these decisions.

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