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Criminal Defense Law in Washington, DC

Posted on February 19, 2015 by James S. Shultz

Are you facing a criminal charge in Washington, DC? There are various law firms in the region with professional, qualified, experienced and reputable criminal defense attorneys whose services you can utilize. Whether you are charged with assault, homicide, DUI/DWI, sex crime, federal charges, gun charges, burglary or robbery or drug charges, there is a defense lawyer for you.

The District of Columbia legal system offers a number of protections aimed at safeguarding your constitutional rights. Some of these include the right to remain silent, presumption of your innocence until proven guilty, getting assistance from a legal representative and protect you against any seizures and unreasonable searches.

You can find some of the best criminal defense counsesl in Lotze Mosley, LLP. Consider issues like experience, qualification, portfolioand referrals before choosing a lawyer. Criminal related charges are serious and can cause serious damages to your personal and professional status. Get legal representation today to help you understand and go through all the legal proceedings without any difficulties.

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