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Get the Best Legal Representation for Your Workers Compensation Claim from Choe Law Firm, APC Comments Off on Get the Best Legal Representation for Your Workers Compensation Claim from Choe Law Firm, APC

Posted on March 05, 2016 by James S. Shultz

Have you been injured while at work or when you were in the office during working hours? The worker’s compensation laws may entitle you to some form of compensation. The workers compensation is meant to help you meet your financial needs. The needs include your loss of income and the medical bills you will have to pay to get treatment.

The injuries covered include:

• Mental Injuries
• Physical trauma injuries
• Occupational diseases
• Repeat traumatic injuries

If you are seeking compensation for a loved one, or a friend who is unable to do the follow up, then you definitely need an attorney. Choe Law Firm, APC, is an experienced worker’s compensation law firm based in Los Angeles CA, will represent, and guide you through the whole process.

The workers compensation law entitles workers to certain benefits regardless of whether the employer was at fault or not.

These include:

• Medical care benefits
• Permanent or Disability benefits to replace or supplement lost wages
• Medical Rehabilitation therapy
• Educational support
• Death benefits in the worst case scenario

It is important that you have the name of the insurance company that your employer has used to insure your work place. Once you have been injured, you or your loved one should do three things to safe guard your interests.

These are:
• Seek treatment immediately
• Give the medical facility your employer’s insurance provider’s name
• Notify your employer formally in writing.
• Contact your attorney before any negotiation with your employer or the insurance provider

If you are not sure what to do or you have been confronted with unexpected events, contact Choe Law Firm, APC, immediately. You do not have to pay anything for a few minutes of consultation. In most cases, the fee is included in the final settlement awarded by the court process. For more information on your workers compensation benefits, please contact Choe Law Firm, APC, based in Los Angeles, California.

Motorcycle Accident Cases in Henderson, Texas Comments Off on Motorcycle Accident Cases in Henderson, Texas

Posted on January 12, 2016 by James S. Shultz

According to research carried out by governor’s Highway Association in 2011, cases of motorcycle accidents have decreased, albeit briefly, in the last few years. However, the report is also indicative of the fact that the general trend remains widely intact. Moreover, it shows a 13% drop-off rate in the number of riders who are predisposed to accidents. In Henderson, for example, in the same year, seven motor accident fatalities were recorded.

Such accidents result from either carelessness or inattention by the driver while on the road. This may involve driving too fast to gain attention or simply using the phone while driving. Riders involved in such accidents can get fatal injuries that can cripple them for life or even result in death.

If you are caught in a motorcycle accident, get medical attention first and then get the detail of all drivers involved in the accident. Secondly contact the David Boehrer Law Firm for a personal injury attorney from Henderson, who will ensure that you get a fair hearing if the accident resulted from carelessness of other parties. They will ensure that you get the best compensation available.

The Hill Law Group- Child Support Comments Off on The Hill Law Group- Child Support

Posted on December 30, 2015 by James S. Shultz

Have you ever been involved in a child support case? If yes, then you know all the hassles and bustles involved in this overwhelming experience. Divorce, domestic violence, paternity cases, and child custody are some of the most distressful cases that can drain your emotions, time, and finances. At The Hill Law Group, Las Vegas NV, they are determined to provide you the exceptional service in case you are experiencing a hard time in a child support case. Their services are affordable and on a budget. Besides, they never inflate their rates but gear our expert services to match with your rights. They have the expert attorneys that are adept in restoring everything right regardless of the raging situation. They pride with our two-year experience in family law. In fact, this is what has made them remain reputable and reliable in handling all forms of child support cases in Las Vegas. Whatever the complexity of your case, just come and let their experience work out right for you.

Caruso Law Offices, PC Handles 18-Wheeler Accidents in Albuquerque Comments Off on Caruso Law Offices, PC Handles 18-Wheeler Accidents in Albuquerque

Posted on December 09, 2015 by James S. Shultz

Caruso Law Offices, PC is based in Albuquerque. The firm aims at serving clients injured or lost loved ones in 18- wheeler accidents. Being a former insurance defense attorney and a former commercial truck operator, Mark Caruso is well accustomed to every side of trucking accidents and injury claims. With over 30 years of legal experience, Caruso has an in-depth knowledge of trucking regulations found in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and uses it to represent the truck accident victims.

A response team is always on standby, 24 hours in case of any truck crashes in the state of New Mexico. By learning of the crash details quickly, the firm will always be a step ahead of the trucking companies, making sure no one tampers with the evidence. The Albuquerque accident attorneys at Caruso Law Offices have enough experience to ensure that you are fully compensated. The firm believes in building lasting professional relationships with its clients

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